Overwhelmed by followers

I want to keep this blog as natural as possible- as if you are seeing me from the inside.

I just get tired of seeing people stressing their selves putting their best foot first.  Did it make me not normal for choosing to  put what really my foot is with or without anyone looking? ( That made me a chuckle).

I was overwhelmed when I saw followers and like from my first post. I want to thank  Mindfump, Hope Faculty, and Alex Marcovich ( I googled how to actually pronounce “Marcovich”) , for liking and for clicking follow on my blog.

You guys have no idea how my hope has been quite boosted.  I don’t want want myself to be at the center of this blog. The idea is to gather real stories of people who were able to rise above the blue, and learn from them on the “hows”. Do you think their ” hows ” rely on the kind of life status they currently have?  I find this an interesting topic.

Why I Jumped to Blogging

I am just an ordinary person- and even think blogging is not for me.

I cannot find any reason why people would get interested to listen to me and spare time reading my writings.

So, why am I blogging, really?

The honest answer would be-  to see for myself how many people have hope issues and hopefully turn this blog into a venue for hope boosting.

In this site, I will be collecting real-time stories from different walks of life; in hope, that somehow I would be able to help my self and eventually worthy to lift others who are drowning in desperation.